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Pampered Pets Consett

Pet Grooming, Grooming Products, Dog Walking, Emmipet, Natural Pet Treats and Doggie Accessories tailored to your needs.​

Information is correct as of 1st April 2022

Pet Grooming 

The following prices are guidelines only and may alter slightly (up or down) depending on your individual requirements. Severe matt removal will incur charges depending on the time required to do so. Please be aware that if more than 15% of your pet is matted it will be advised that the coat is clipped off. In line with the animal welfare act this is a legal requirement as matt removal can be very painful and stressful to your pet. If you do not agree for your pets coat to be clipped, the groom will not be completed and you will still be charged.

No Shows / Missed Appointments / Late Cancellations

Time is reserved to groom your dog so we ask that you arrive on time and that if you are going to be late you let us know so we may make arrangements for this.

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment we ask that you give us 48 hours notice as we always have clients waiting to be in.

If you miss your appointment and do not let us know with 24 hours written notice (a text, note or message of any sort is fine), unfortunately you will be charged in full for that missed appointment including pick up and drop off fees if we have travelled to collect your pet. This will need to be paid before we can make you another appointment.

If you do not show for your scheduled appointment, we are left with nothing to do but still have overheads to meet when we could have given the appointment to somebody else. It only takes a minute to let us know.

Thank You, Tracy

Matting Fees

If your pets coat is matted there will be an additional charge of £10 to complete the groom. This is to cover the additional time taken, products used and to cover repairs caused by the additional strain put on our equipment.

Flea Fees

If your pet is found to have fleas when on site, there will be an additional fee of £10 to cover the cost of treatment of the salon. No further pets can enter the salon until treatment is completed and this is a 3 hour process meaning we are also losing earnings. We recommend consulting your vet regularly on the best flea treatment options available as they can build tolerance to products over time. 


Full Groom by breed

Prices include pet trim cut or hand stripping, nail clip, ear pluck and clean, anal gland relief, wash, facial and blow dry, protective paw balm and doggie cologne. If you require a breed standard or specialty trim, there may be additional charges depending on the time required to complete the groom.

Anal Glands - Groomers are permitted to perform external anal gland relief only. If it is suspected your pet has an infection or abscess, glands will not be emptied and you will be advised to visit your vet. If your pet needs internal expression, you will need to visit your vet as this is named as a procedure under the Veterinary Act meaning only qualified vets can complete this.

Ear Plucking - If it is suspected your pet has an ear infection you will be referred to your vet. No plucking or cleaning will be carried out as this could cause further complications for your pet.

If your breed isn't listed please don't hesitate to contact us for a price.


Afghan Hound: £60

Airedale Terrier: £55

Akita: £50

Alaskan Malamute : £50

Alsatian: £35 (smooth coat)

£50 (long haired)

American Cocker: £38


Basset Hound: £30

Beagle: £25

Bearded Collie: £45

Bedlington Terrier: £38

Bichon Frise: £35

Blood Hound: £32

Border Collie: £38

Border Terrier: £35

Boxer: £32

Bulldog: £30

Bull Mastiff: £32

Bull Terrier: £25


Cairn Terrier: £35

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: £38

Cavachon: £38

Chihuahua: £20 (smooth coat)

                    £30 (long haired)

Chorkie: £32

Chow Chow: £55

Cockerpoo: £38 - £40 (size dependant)

Cocker Spaniel: £38

Corgi: £32

Coton de Tulear: £35

Curly Coated Retriever: £60


Dachshund: £25 (Miniature Smooth Coat)

                     £32 (Miniature Long Haired)

                     £30 (Standard Smooth Coat)

                     £35 (Standard Long Haired)

Dalmation: £32

Deerhound: £45

Doberman: £32

Dogue de Bordeaux: £35


English Setter: £50


Field Spaniel: £38

Fox Terrier: £35

French Bulldog: £25


German Shepherd: £35 (smooth coat)

                                £45 (long haired)

Golden Retriever: £45

Gordon Setter: £50

Great Dane: £32

Greyhound: £32


Husky: £38 - £43 (size dependant)


Irish Setter: £50

Irish Terrier: £35

Irish Water Spaniel: £38

Irish Wolfhound: £55


Jack Russell Terrier: £25 (smooth coat)

                                 £32 (wire coat)

Jackahuahua: £22 (smooth coat)

                       £32 (long haired)

Japanese Akita: £50

Japanese Chin: £32


Kerry Blue Terrier: £38


Labradoodle: £40 - £45 (miniature - size dependant)

                       £45 - £60 (standard - size dependant)

Labrador: £32

Lakeland Terrier: £35

Lhasa Apso: £35

Lurcher: £38


Maltese Terrier: £35

Mastiff: £32


Newfoundland: £70 - £80 (size dependant)


Old English Sheepdog: £45


Patterdale Terrier: £35

Pekingese: £35

Pointer: £30

Pomeranian: £35

Poodle Clipped: £35 (Toy)                        Scissored: £40 (Toy)

                           £38 (Miniature)                               £48 (Miniature)

                           £50 (Standard)                                £70 (Standard)

Portuguese Water Spaniel - £38 

Pug: £22



Rhodesian Ridgeback: £30

Rottweiler: £32

Rough Collie: £45


Saluki: £38 - £43 (size dependant)

Samoyed: £50

Schnauzer: £35 (Miniature)

                   £50 (Giant/Standard)

Scottish Terrier: £35

Shar Pei: £30

Shih Tzu: £35

Springer Spaniel: £38

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: £25


Tibetan Mastiff: £50

Tibetan Spaniel: £38

Tibetan Terrier: £38




Welsh Terrier : £35

West Highland White Terrier: £35

Weimaraner: £30

Whippet: £25

Wire Fox Terrier: £35



Yorkshire Terrier: £32


Bath and Tidy

This includes a bath, facial, blow dry, quick brush (up to 20 minutes), eye trim and doggy cologne. £10 less than full groom price.

Cat Grooming

Short Haired: £25

Long Haired: £32

Lion Clip: £35 - £40 (size dependant)

Large Breed: £40

Individual Services

Anal Gland Relief: £10

Brush Only: £16 per hour

Ear Pluck and clean: £10

Nail Clip: £7 (including small pets)

Pick up and drop off: £5 within a 3 mile radius (for return trip) - only available for full grooms and must be pre booked.