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Pampered Pets

Pet Grooming, Dog Walking and Pet Transport services tailored to your needs.

Our dog walking services are tailored entirely to your own individual needs; be that once a week or every day. Walks are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes and this time will begin once your dog(s) has reached the chosen destination and end as we leave for home.

We offer one to one dog walking services, meaning only the dogs from your household will be there or group walks to get your pet playing and well socialised.

Dogs can be walked on or off lead dependent on their needs and behaviour and a location close to home will be selected to best suit these requirements.

Your dogs will be transported in a car where they will be secured with pet safety belts meaning they are free to look out of the window and don't have the stress of being in the back of a dark van or of being restricted in a cage or crate.

Whilst on their walk fresh drinking water will be available, we have a collection of toys to suit all breeds, basic training can take place upon request and all poo bags will be provided. Upon arrival back home we can ensure your dogs beds are tidy and make sure they have food and water available.

We cover Consett and the surrounding areas (3 mile radius)

The table below shows our set dog walking fees...unlike other walking services these are set across the board with no separate weekend rates, no bank holiday price boosts and no large dog discrimination. We can walk any breed, big or small.

All prices include pick up and drop off.

We walk no more than 4 dogs per walker so if you have more than 4 dogs any additional dogs would be charged separately, e.g 5 dogs for 30 minutes would be £18, 6 dogs £20.

Number of dogs from one home

1 dog

2 dogs

3 dogs

4 dogs

30 minute walk





60 minute walk