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Pampered Pets Consett

Pet Grooming, Grooming Products, Dog Walking, Emmipet, Natural Pet Treats and Doggie Accessories tailored to your needs.​

Our dog walking services are tailored entirely to your own individual needs; be that once a week or every day. Walks are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes and this time will begin once your dog(s) has reached the chosen destination and end as we leave for home.

We offer group walks to get your pet playing and well socialised.

Dogs can be walked on or off lead dependent on their needs and behaviour and a location close to home will be selected to best suit these requirements.

Your dogs will be transported in a car where they will be secured with pet safety belts meaning they are free to look out of the window and don't have the stress of being in the back of a dark van or of being restricted in a cage or crate. They will also be provided with their own harness required for transport and lead.

Whilst on their walk fresh drinking water will be available, we have a collection of toys to suit all breeds, basic training can take place upon request and all poo bags will be provided. Upon arrival back home we can ensure your dogs beds are tidy and make sure they have food and water available where needed. 

Prior to walking your pet there will be a face to face meeting to allow you and your pet to get to know us and complete all relevant paperwork. When we first begin walking your pet they will have some one to one time and will be gradually introduced to our group to find the pals that best suit there needs. 

We cover Consett, Delves Lane, Blackhill, Bridgehill, Shotley Bridge, Ebchester, Leadgate, The Grove, Moorside and Castleside. 

Our spaces are limited to 4 - 5 dogs per walker per session. Our morning pick ups start from 10am and the walk begins around 10:30am. Our afternoon pick ups start around 11:30am and the walk begins around 12pm. Times will vary slightly day to day depending on groups locations. Your pet will usually be away from home anywhere from 35 minutes to 90 minutes.

If we are not able to walk your dog we will give you as much notice as possible and ask that you please do the same. Any walks cancelled on the day will still be charged. If you no longer require our services, we require a minimum of 7 days written notice (a text, note or any kind of message is fine).

Prices below are our set dog walking fees...these are set across the board with no separate weekend rates, no bank holiday price boosts and no large dog discrimination. We can walk any breed, big or small.

All prices include pick up and drop off.

Prices correct as of 1st April 2022

30 Minute Walks

1st Dog - £6.50

Each additional dog from the same home £3

60 Minute Walks

1st Dog - £11

Each additional dog from the same home £4