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Pampered Pets

Pet Grooming, Dog Walking and Pet Transport services tailored to your needs.

Covid-19 Terms of Service

Information correct from Monday 11th May

During this difficult time we all must play  our part in helping our nation recover from this awful disease. To allow us to open there are strict guidelines that we all must follow. These guidelines are designed to keep you and your pet safe so please ensure you have read and understand the requirements. All pet groomers are subject to random inspections from Public Health England and failure to comply with the guidelines will result in closure.

What we require from you

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. We are only permitted to have dogs from one household on the premises at any time so arriving early could mean we aren't ready for you and arriving late will affect any appointments following yours.

Please use the rear garden and on arrival we ask that you remove your dogs collar and lead and take them with you. Leave your dog in the garden where I will collect them using my own biothane leads. Cats can remain in cat boxes and these will be sterilised before your return. I will be in the kitchen watching for your arrival so please don't worry that your pet will be left alone, as soon as you leave the garden I will be there to greet them.

Please only return to collect your pet when asked to do so. Due to the guidelines in place, your pet will be longer than normal. Please try not to worry.

On your return, as you enter the garden your pet will be let into the garden where you can place them back on lead or pick up your cat box. There will be a tub on the table as you enter to leave payment which will be disinfected for each use. If you would prefer to pay via PayPal or bank transfer please let us know before your appointment and the details will be provided.

As most of your pets have gone longer than normal between grooms we ask that you trust our judgement in regard to what is best for your pet. In cases of severe matting we will need to clip the coat off and allow it to grow back. We will only do this if necessary. If you are hoping to have something different to your usual cut please discuss this prior to your groom as we will not be able to have a face to face consultation on the day.

We will not be taking new clients at this time with the exception of new members of the family from existing clients households.

If you or anyone in your household are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 you MUST NOT attend your appointment. Please consider the well being of others and cancel your appointment.

Whilst we are doing everything in our power to prevent contamination, pets are groomed at the owners risk.

Our normal cancellation and matting policies apply and are all available to view on our price page. We are not able to offer nail clip only appointments at this time. If your pet is not usually bathed we cannot offer you an appointment at this time.

What is required from us

We must adhere to all social distancing guidelines.

We must wear PPE for your pets arrival and bath including gloves, mask, safety glasses, apron and keep arms covered.

Pets must be bathed in DEFRA approved shampoo on arrival.

We are required to use a range of DEFRA approved cleaning products for air misting, floors, surfaces and tools as well as UV sterilising of equipment and cash payments. All of this must be done strictly for each and every groom and will take 60-90 minutes to complete. As a result our appointment times will be different to normal.

We have a sanitary handwashing station in place including new touchless soap dispenser, disposable paper towels and lidded pedal bin for safe disposal.

We are jet washing our yard frequently with disinfectant.

Due to the extra work load we are asking where possible for communication to be via text. Please don't worry if we don't get back to you straight away as I will not be keeping my phone in work areas to avoid cross contamination. I will respond to all messages at the end of the working day.

Finally we want to thank you for your patience and understanding in this unprecedented time and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay Safe,